Angry bird…

Robin in my garden.

Gediminas’ Tower, Vilnius and the Baltic way

From wikipedia:
“Gediminas’ Tower is an important state and historic symbol of the city of Vilnius and of Lithuania itself. It is depicted on the national currency, the litas, and is mentioned in numerous Lithuanian patriotic poems and folk songs.”

On August 23rd 1989, exactly 25 years ago, the Baltic way, the human chain that spanned Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, had its end point just outside Gediminas’ Tower. There’s an exhibition in the Tower with pictures of that landmark event.

Dove in Paris…

and words.

Poster for the Zweig exhibition at Vienna’s Theater Museum: this was just a blank poster with the quote, the column is a reflection of the museum’s entrance.


Pi can be found everywhere, here in the Vienna Karlplatz tube station.

Vienna calling

captured along the Donaukanal in Vienna.

Born to be wild…

A fluffy Easy rider , captured in Vienna.

Happy new year of the Horse!

First rays of dawn on the Parthenon,

hoping 2014 will be as breathtakingly beautiful.