Studyingly Latvian

Graduation ceremony, let the holidays begin!

Rainily Latvian

Reflection of St Peter’s church tower.

Medievally Latvian

The Rozengrals restaurant, a medieval-themed restaurant in old Riga, was organising a promotional photo shoot.
I was just passing by, and asked permission to take a snapshot.

Artistry Latvian

Open air art classes in Riga.

Smilingly Latvian

It had been a slow day, and the bartenders jokingly built this 10-stories pyramid with beer mats!

Chorally Latvian

Choral in Vermanes Darz park, for the 2013 song and dance festival.

Craftily Latvian

Traditional crafts demonstration in Vermanes Darz park.

Talently Latvian

Cira Tolordava, performing at the national minority concert of the 2013 song and dance festival.

She appeared in the “Latvian got talent” show, and was singing a traditional georgian song I understand.

Her performance, along with a short interview, can be seen here (youtube link).

Presidentially Latvian

Andris Bērziņš, president of Latvia, at the national minority concert of the 2013 Song and Dance festival.
During the interval, he was cheerfully posing with guests! I really enjoyed the relaxed and joyful atmosphere of this event.

Traditionally Latvian

I flashed my best smile, pointed to my camera to quickly ask permission to take a snapshot, and was rewarded with these friendly smiles!
The young ladies pictured here are wearing the traditional latvian attire, probably rehearsing for the 2013 song and dance festival, a big event in Latvia.