Melancholia at the Seine riverside

How many fulfilled hopes, or sorrows has this weeping willow witnessed ?  Along the bank of the Seine, the subdued atmosphere is propitious to rêverie, whereas on the overlooking quai Voltaire the crazy rhythm of the city traffic never misses a beat.  I’d like to think she eventually got the phone call, text message, smoke signal, or frog to kiss, that would let her escape from her melancholia.

Green cross in rue du Bac

Photography is mainly about light, or absence of light.  Rain is actually the photographer’s friend for the reflections it creates:  here I tried to capture the green reflection of the pharmacy sign, along with the red reflection of the car stop lights.

Love chains on passerelle de Solférino

Lovers attach locks with their names written on it to the railings of the bridge, celebrating the reputation of Paris as the city of love.  I’m not sure these locks stay forever as lovers would hope, or if these are removed and disposed of regularly.